About Me

I am an assistant professor in the Information Systems group at Eindhoven University of Technology. I received a Ph.D. degree from School of Computer Science at University of Manchester. I worked as an assistant professor in Econometrics Institute at Erasmus University Rotterdam, as a Postdoc researcher in the Algorithmics group at TU Delft, in the Computational Intelligence group at TU Clausthal (Germany). I also worked as a faculty research assistant in the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies at University of Maryland, College Park, USA.

I am doing Prescriptive AI (Artificial Intelligence) for decision making. I design systems and derive decision-making solutions using AI methods, such as autonomous agents and multi-agent systems, data mining and machine learning. I enjoy optimizing decision making with big data, by merging knowledge-based and data-driven decision models through machine learning, conducting simulations, and developing mechanisms involving cooperative or self-interested players. The application domains of my current research include e-commerce, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and sharing economy.

“Fair task allocation in transportation”, co-authored with Charlie Ye and Rommert Dekker, was selected by Omega: The International Journal of Management Science as “Best Paper Award for 2017”. 

“A reinforcement learning method to select AD networks in waterfall strategy”, co-authored with Reza Afshar, Murat Firat, Uzay Kaymak, received a Best Student Paper Award at ICAART 2019.