We have a two-year postdoc position on “Data-Driven Trade Lane Analysis and Route Advisor”. Apply before 31/08/2019!

In the project ‘Lane Analysis and Route Advisor’, we will conduct research into solutions based on advanced data analytics that combine the integration of various data sources (‘big data’), AI methods such as machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), semantic web techniques, and optimization techniques for prescriptive analytics and decision making. These methods will be applied to the optimization of route planning in global freight forwarding, initially targeted at air freight shipment with special handling needs. The project that forms the context for this position also involves intensive collaboration with several industrial partners and academic partners (CWI and VU). The candidate will work at the School of Industrial Engineering, TU Eindhoven. The research project involves the Information Systems group (IS) and the Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control group (OPAC). 

We are looking for a researcher who should have completed (or be close to completion of) a PhD degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Econometrics, or Industrial Engineering, with a solid background in quantitative research methods. An ideal candidate should have a good basis in machine learning, or natural language processing, or semantic web technologies, and is interested in applications in logistics.

More information here: https://jobs.tue.nl/nl/vacature/datadriven-trade-lane-analysis-and-route-advisor-postdoc-1-fte-659223.html