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Solving Bin-packing Problems Under Privacy Preservation: Possibilities and Trade-offs

Privacy preservation becomes more and more important. However, what is the trade-off between privacy and decision-making quality? We conducted the first study on this trade-off that occurs when a k-anonymized database is used as input to the bin-packing optimization problem. Have a look at our paper if you are interested in this topic!

Best Student Paper Award @ ICAART 2019

Very proud that our PhD student, Reza Refaei Afshar, has received the Best Student Paper Award for his work presented at the 11th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence held on 19 – 21 February, in Prague, Czech Republic. The paper titled “A Reinforcement Learning Method to Select Ad Networks in Waterfall Strategy” was co-authored by me, Murat Firat and Uzay Kaymak.

Nowadays, one of the most important sources of income for publishers who own websites is through online advertising (online ADs). For online publishers, it is difficult to design good strategies to manage their online AD auction systems due to highly dynamic real-time bidding environment. This paper proposes a machine learning based decision support system for publishers, which is built from historical AD auction data. The proposed method demonstrates its effectiveness in terms of the increased expected revenue for publishers.

The paper is available at: